confusion against electronic cigarettes

What causes confusion against electronic cigarettes?

When a product is first introduced, it is prone to be misperceived and especially when technology is involved. Same happened with cloud computing and also electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette, on its introduction, was a source of confusion among masses. There are few things mentioned below which makes it more challenging for people to understand these vapor cigarettes which are used for vaping to get the smoking sensation.

  1. The two fundamentally disparate forms of electronic cigarettes

News reports do not distinguish between the APVs and mods while mentioning e-cigs. As there is no clear delineation between two devices, the users were confused about e-cig. To let you know about them, Advanced personalized vaporizers (APVs) allows users to regulate the power level of electronics to produce required amount of vapors. While mods have user-rebuildable atomizers, so they are quite expensive and have the ability to produce a lot of vapor.

The general trend is that people are introduced to APVs to reduce the nicotine and increase vapor and then when they have decided to minimize nicotine and to more focus on flavor then they use the mods.

  1. Concerns about Lungs safety

When public health officials come out with uncertainty about substances in e-cigarettes, the vapers also gets worried about the materials that they are breathing into their lungs. Floorwalker counters that there exists substantial research to verify the vaping contents and the non-toxic nature of e-liquid when it is inhaled as vapors. The four ingredients that make the e-liquid include Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food-grade flavoring and nicotine.

The traditional cigarettes are proven to be more devastating, and it has repeatedly concluded that they are the cause behind cancers and also the cause of other health conditions and vaping is not as dangerous as smoking.

  1. Nicotine in e-liquids

The e-liquids present in e-cigarettes does not necessarily have nicotine in them, the best-selling e-liquids are usually the ones with lower nicotine and more flavors. All companies producing e-liquids have varieties with no nicotine in it.

Typically, traditional smokers start vaping to get away from their smoking habit, so they start from e-cigs that contain a high amount of nicotine to avoid the smoking withdrawal symptoms. When they realize the flavor is better with a minimum amount of nicotine, then they shift to e-cigs with less nicotine amount to get the better taste of the e-liquid.

  1. If electronic cigarettes are effective in getting people away from smoking

Electronic cigarettes are emerging to become a bigger business. And the more success stories of people quitting smoking with the use of e-cigs are becoming popular. There is research which highlights the people using e-cigarettes were more likely to quit smoking effectively and entirely. The use of e-cigarettes enabled more people to cut nicotine out of their life with fewer withdrawal symptoms. The statistics shown by these studies are spectacular and illustrates the possibility of quitting smoking with the use of vapor cigarettes is much high. The incredible statistics are the indication of e-cigarettes to be more efficient than other types of smoking- cessation methods like gums or patch.