e-cig safety

Ensure your e-cig safety and minimize the risk of explosions

When people switch from beginner level e-cigarettes to an advanced electronic cigarette mod, there is surely a step up in terms of performances, but there are also some additional concerns about the battery. At beginner-level, the battery was built-in but now for mods, you have to find a battery yourself. The usage of correct battery is critical, and the lithium-based batteries are the ones which can be catastrophic.

At Icebox, we want our users to stay safe so let us introduce you to “thermal runaway” and how can you minimize the risk of electronic cigarettes while stepping up your e-cig journey.

  • Thermal Runaway

Thermal runaway is a positive feedback loop. As this is a self-perpetuating process, in the case of lithium battery the temperature increases as the feedback come in the form of heat. The increase in heat and pressure then can result in “venting with flames” or explosion.  The reason behind this is the battery due to the current flowing through it, generates more internal heat than it can dissipate.

The Thermal Runaway due to low-resistance, high-current electronic shortcuts are very rare, and that is why an enormous number of users use lithium-based battery every day. The problems arose when people misused the batteries, so taking the precaution are necessary to ensure e-cig safety.

  • Which E-cigarettes are riskier?

The study of the reported explosions has indicated that only tube mods with two batteries stacked in series have been implicated in e-cig explosions. The variable voltage devices that include electronic circuits with safety features are not included in this.

The presence of venting holes minimizes the risk by giving venting gas a place to go without building pressure, so these holes should be present on any tube mod your possess.

  • Reducing the Risks
  1. The first step is to use the batteries with safer chemistry (lithium-manganese, like AW IMR) batteries and you should get a high-quality battery from a reputable source
  2. The same rule applies to chargers. You should buy a high-quality charger with protection against overcharging. Cutting costs in chargers and batteries would increase risks.
  3. Stacking cells are unnecessary, and most explosion reports indicate the involvement of stacked batteries for higher voltage. So, avoid stacking the batteries.
  4. All the metal tube mods should have the built-in electronic and physical safety features. The example of these functions includes vent holes (especially in the mechanical tube) and protective circuits.
  5. You should also follow earlier pieces of advice to reduce any chance of short circuits. Do not use the device with a low battery as additional stress will give rise to thermal runaway. Moreover, don’t carry your electronic cigarette in a pocket with keys or any other metallic thing that would complete the battery circuit and it could get short out with.
  6. If ever, you sense some increasing heat or swelling of the battery, then put the battery in safe place and move away from it. As it is better to sacrifice a mod then to be stuck in a place with a pipe bomb.