how do I vape

How do I Vape?

It is better to ask questions than to stay ignorant. Whenever some new technology emerges, there is a need to ask some fundamental questions and get the information. So, if you’re confronted with a new technology like e-cigarettes, a lot of questions come to your mind at the beginning. Icebox thought to start and inform with you the simplest and the most important question that is:  How to vape?

People generally assume that e-cigarette is something very complicated. However, an electronic cigarette is a pretty simple electronic device that turns the e-liquid present in it into vapor. Then you inhale that vapor just like you inhale cigarette smoke in traditional cigarettes. And this act gives you a feeling of smoking a cigarette and sensation of inhaling smoke. The throat hits of e-cigarettes enable smokers to love the rush of nicotine. But the main difference from traditional cigarettes is that e-cigs have vapors that do not contain tobacco, so there is no tobacco smoke or smell. Due to no burning involved, there is no tar production, so it is cleaner than smoking.

The e-liquid present in e-cigarettes contains high-grade nicotine. The main components other than nicotine in quality e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycol, and food-grade flavoring.  The chemical names may sound scary, but these additives are part of many popular foods and asthma inhalers. The PG/VG base liquids are responsible for holding nicotine and flavorings, and it also helps them to vaporize. The high content of PG is popular with users who want to get throat hit along with great flavors. These can be found in margarine, condiments, and ice-cream too. The VG, which is usually found in cheese, yogurt, and sweet corn, is the element behind large vapor production and is popular among cloud chasers.

  • The Vaping

The vaping style depends on the type of vapor cigarette you are using. For ‘cig-a-like’ e-cigarettes, it is like you are smoking a cigarette. When you puff, a sensor inside the e-cigarette is turned on, which in turns heats up and turns the e-liquid into vapors. These vapors are then inhaled just like the smoke of a cigarette.

For getting the most from cig-a-like e-cigs, below are few tips:

  1. Hold you e-cig a slight downward angle when you start to vape. Moreover, take a couple of short, quick puffs without inhaling. This will enable to get more vapor and flavor by coating the Cartridge Refill with liquid.
  2. Then take 1-3 seconds puffs.
  3. When you feel less flavor/vapor from e-cig, it is better to check battery or swap flavors.

Vaping on a vaporizer is a bit different. In vaporizers, you push a button on the battery as you puff. This is called manual. In vaporizers, pushing the button turns on the battery and heats up the coil to produce vapors.

While vaping, there is no precise time to stop vaping as e-cigarettes and vaporizers don’t burn down like cigarettes so choose your nicotine strength wisely and time your vaping habits and take a vape break at the right time.