E Cig Atomizers

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Atomizer is a crucial component of the electronic cigarette. E-cigarette atomizer contains the coil with the heating element which transforms e-liquid into vaporizers. E-cig atomizer connects to the box mod and uses its battery’s power to deliver hits of vapor to your mouth and lungs. E-cig atomizer determines the size and quality of the vapor clouds and effects how your favorite e liquid tastes. To experience e-cigarette at its full potential you need top of the range atomizer which we provide here.

ICEBOX offer two of the best refillable top fill e-cig atomizers on the market. Select our premium ICETANK or compact POLAR TANK models for optimal vaping experience that bring out great tasting flavorful from your e-liquid. ICETANK is high end 4ml atomizer with large e liquid capacity and double kanthal coil. POLAR TANK has 2ml capacity and is a more compact atomizer. Both of the tanks use thermal control feature to prevent the atomizer getting hot after using coil to turn the e liquid into vapors. Please click the links on this page and explore atomizers in more details.