Rebuttals to a few anti e-cig arguments

Rebuttals to a few anti e-cig arguments

Are you utilizing e-cigarettes and facing continuous nagging from your friends and family? You would also have come across endless articles or comments from people around you who will be bashing e-cigarettes without any solid facts because of misinterpretation of the research. This is because it is a relatively new technology and people just compare it with the disease and cancer causing cigarette. Here we will discuss rebuttals to a few anti e-cig arguments.

1)    Electronic Cigarettes are a health hazard for public that inhale e-cigarette vapor.

This is just not the case. In fact, it is much dangerous to inhale the air of a large city than inhaling the e-cigarette vapor. E-cigs do not release sidestream smoke which is released by burning cigarette directly to the environment. Nitrosamines are found in trace amount in e-cigarettes, and it is about 14000 times less than that of a tobacco cigarette.

2)    One is still smoking even while using e-cig.

People say that there is no difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping an e-cig as both releases the smoke. However, the smoke from a cigarette contains many dangerous chemicals whereas that of an e-cig are just water vapors. These vapors are produced at a very high temperature which makes it look like smoke.

3)    E-cigarette users are inhaling dangerous metals.

Research on one of the brands of e-cig showed that trace of metals was present in the vapor. However, the level of these was either higher or equal to those found in the smoke of a cigarette. Also, these were within the standards of maximum allowable daily exposure to metals from inhalation. A single study cannot be applied to each brand. You can order your e-cigs now from Icebox.

4)    There is toxic antifreeze in the E-liquid.

In 2009, a study by FDA showed that only 1 in 18 bottles of E-liquid from only two brands contained trace levels of about 1% of diethylene glycol which is a toxic ingredient used in anti-freeze. However, the later studies showed no such thing which suggests that the device used might be contaminated. All the E-liquids contain four main ingredients one of which is propylene glycol. This is also a component of antifreeze but is used to make it less toxic in case it is swallowed.

 5)    E-cigs can be a gateway to smoking for the non-smokers.

E-cigs have only been manufactured to move smokers away from cigarettes by providing them a safe alternative. E-cigs have flavored, and sweet vapors whereas smoke have a bitter taste and awful smell. Thus, it is not possible for anyone to go in reverse i.e. from vaping to smoking.

6)    E-cigs just substitute one addiction with another.

Tobacco cigarettes are highly addictive, and this is why when smokers move to e-cigs they still consume nicotine. However, one can easily decrease the amount of nicotine gradually and become nicotine free. A study found that about 73% of the participants who started using e-cigs also quit vaping by the 52nd week of the survey. This can turn into a hobby for few people too. Even if one continues to use nicotine-containing E-liquid, he or she is still being exposed to a lesser amount of dangerous chemicals.

I discussed a few of the anti-electronic cigarette arguments with rebuttals. If you can think of more, let me know in the comments.