PG to VG ratio

The right PG to VG ratio for your e-liquid

There are some questions that have definite answers, and then there are these types of questions that depends on personal preferences. The question, what is the right PG (Propylene glycol) to VG (Vegetable Glycerin) in your e-liquid of electronic cigarettes, comes into the second category question. However, certain things are generally accepted by most of the vapers as truth. We have collected some “truths” regarding PG and VG in e-liquids and presented in the article below:

  • PG or VG Allergies

If you have any allergy to PG or VG, then it is one of the major factor deciding the right ratio for your vapor cigarette. More often, the Propylene glycol present in the e-liquid of an e-cigarette is the culprit behind allergies, although VG is also possible to be the cause of allergies but the vaping community less commonly notes it. Some of the health resources claim to an increase in the possibility of PG allergy for people having eczema. If you know whether you have PG allergy or VG allergy, you can find the e-juices with highest depending on the type of sensitivity of pg or VG. It should also be taken into consideration that some of the allergy symptoms are similar to smoking withdrawal symptoms e.g. coughing/cold like symptoms, tingling, sweating, cramps, nausea, and headaches. Be sure not to mix the two and keep a check with your healthcare professional, if you believe to have some allergic reaction to PG/VG in the e-liquid.

  • VG for bigger clouds and PG for more flavor

The most vapers accept that flavor is more dependent on how an e-juice mixes and what is the amount used and PG tends to carry more flavors in a better way than VG. It is believed that VG tends to dilute or mute the flavors, so most flavorings for e-liquids are made in PG. In VG, the dulling of flavors is overcome by increasing the amount of flavoring, but that is not a guaranteed way of improving the flavor.

However, the vapor production is opposite to flavor. It is believed that VG in e-liquid creates thicker and larger clouds of vapor as compared to e-liquids concentrated in PG. So, in general, the vapers have to find a balance between two and decide themselves whether they prioritize vapor over flavor or flavor over vapor?

  • PG contributing to greater throat hits

The higher PG containing e-liquid is responsible for giving more throat hit. The more throat hit is similar to the feeling you get when you were a smoker pulling the smoke into your lungs, feeling it in the throat.

  • Thickness of e-liquid

The thickness of the e-liquid has an impact on the vaping experience, and the liquids high in VG are thicker. The right amount of vaping equipment is needed to consider thick e-liquids. If you have tanks, then it is recommended to consider a higher PG content as high VG content in the tank makes it unable to wick properly, and the user end up having dry puffs. While dripping atomizers go very well with thick e-liquids, so you can go for higher VG content if you drip.

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