Signs to tell if you are talking to a vaper

Vapers are becoming more common, and there are a few features they have that keep them unique and different. One can easily tell by seeing the following signs that a person is a vaper:

1)    Vapers stand out.

If you think about the smoker first thing you come up with a stinking person covered with ash, stubbing the cigarette butts and tossing them anywhere around the street. However, vapers are nowhere near this. They are not at all stinky. As an e-cigarette does not produce any ash so, a vaper will not be looking for an ashtray. They know what the hottest trend and fashion is. They are exactly the type of person you would like to have an educational conversation or would like to discuss latest trends.

2)    Vapers are tech enthusiasts.

Vaping is a high-tech alternative to smoking which shows that they invest in future. They learn to know about the new technology that is why they know what is hot and are the first to lay a hand on the new gadgets released.  They even manage to get copies of newly released games before the reviewers even get to test them

3)    Vapers do not stink.

One will never be able to know if one is a vaper until he takes out his e-cig for vaping. They are just like everyone except for they do not give visible signals for telling about their satisfaction needs.

4)    Vapers enjoy real freedom.

Vaping can be done everywhere either indoors or outdoors, inside a car, arena or parking. This is true freedom. They can go anywhere, whenever, wherever they want.

5)    Vapers are passionate about spreading the word.

Who does not let other know their great experience from a new product or service for them to use? Former cigarette smokers that moved to vaping might have friends that will not have made a switch to vaping yet. But the vapers will let all their buddies know that how great experience vaping is.

6)    Vapers know what they want and how to get it.

Vapers are those people who have all the great things in life but never brag about it. The have a positive attitude about life and know they deserve the best. Their confidence and hard work lead them to success. They can surely brag about the electronic cigarette in their hand but never brag about it.

7)    Vapers are trendsetters.

Vapers have spotted this new trend and thus are becoming new trendsetters. They know that this is the new big thing. They make vaping cool, and vaping makes them cool.

8)    Vapers are problem solvers.

Smokers face many issues in their daily life. These include the disgusting smell of smoke coming from them and looking for designated smoking area. They are also judged constantly. Almost all the smokers feel sorry for themselves instead of doing something about it. Vapers have done something for them and made a switch to vaping an e-cigarette.

In short, the vaping hobby is transcending like no other, and it gets one more good friends that are like minded instantly. By vaping one will become the part of the supportive and non-judgemental community. So, what are you waiting for? Order your electronic cigarettes now on Icebox.