Things you can do with your electronic cigarette but, a smoker cannot do to their cigarette

The health benefits of moving from smoking to vaping are evident as one is simply decreasing the number of the chemical he or she inhaled while smoking by over 5000. One enjoys more freedom in daily life and can also do a whole lot of things he or she could never do before. Do you want to enjoy these benefits too? If yes order your E-cigarette now from Icebox.

Here is a list of things one can do with their electronic cigarette but a smoker is unable to do with a cigarette.

1)    Enjoy the taste of the food you are eating.

Smoking has an adverse effect on the taste buds of the smokers. Smoke damages both the taste buds and sense of smell. However, moving to e-cigarette rectifies this issue and after the body has itself cleared of all the chemicals one will notice an improvement in the sense of taste. You will be able to enjoy the underlying taste of dishes that seemed to have a bland taste before. This will bring a new spark into your life.

2)    You can switch taste of the vapor of an E-cig.

Users of e-cig can enjoy a variety of taste by changing the flavor of e-cig they use. Although there are filters in different flavors like tobacco, menthol, this is nothing in comparison to the flavors of e-cigs. E-liquids are colorless and tasteless which allows the manufacturers to add any flavors the liquid. By changing just one cartridge, you can enjoy a new flavor. E-liquid is available in flavors like chocolate, mango, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, peppermint and many other flavors which one can never enjoy by smoking a cigarette.

3)    E-cigarette user can vape and also be guilt free.

If a smoker smokes around his or her non-smoking friends, then they feel guilty for exposing them to a variety of harmful and cancer causing chemicals whereas, a vaper does not expose the people in his or her surroundings to toxic chemicals. The vapors of water are given out by the vaping person. These water vapors which being at high temperature feels like smoke. An e-cig does not give out side-stream smoke.

4)    E-cig users can stop vaping whenever they want.

A smoker will prefer to smoke a cigarette in one go if they have lit it up. No one will ever want to stub the cigarette and save half for later. If it is lit up you have to smoke it; otherwise, it will be burned without use. Since e-cigarette is not lit up one does not need to continue vaping if he or she does not desire to do so. One cartridge of E-liquid is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. When there is nothing to finish the vaper can just get the desired nicotine amount and stop vaping. This often leads to the previous smoker decrease the amount of nicotine after they move to e-cigs.

Vaping can be done even inside restaurants and bars so that one can enjoy e-cigs freely without any restrictions. However, few places still do not allow it. It is recommended to check before vaping.

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